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BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set: Top Choice?

Navigating in and out of your driveway can sometimes feel like an exhausting game of precision, but with the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set, the experience becomes a smoother transition. Curiosity led me to explore this popular solution, and the benefits have been genuinely impactful.

These ramps are crafted with an eye for durability and a seamless fit along curbs. The 4.6-star rating echoes the satisfaction of 481 users who have also crossed paths with these ramps. With each piece bridging the gap between the road and your driveway, the jarring jolts felt from a typical curb encounter are replaced with a satisfying ease.


BRIDJIT’s design, though purposeful, isn’t without flaws. Depending on the curb’s shape and surrounding environment, slight adjustments might be necessary for an optimal fit. Don’t expect these ramps to morph to every curb’s whim. Despite this, the convenience and curb appeal they add to your home are undeniable.

Bottom Line

The BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set stands out as a reliable addition to ease your vehicle onto your property. With its sturdy construction and positive user feedback, it merits your attention.

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Overview of the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp Set

Navigating a steep driveway curb no longer has to be a challenge with the BRIDJIT ramp set. This three-piece solution spans 12 feet, catering not only to straight driveways but also to those with a curve. For wider driveways, additional 48-inch center sections are available for expansion, though keep in mind these must be bought separately.

Installation is straightforward—only a hammer and screwdriver are needed. The sections bolt together with ease, thanks to the pre-inserted galvanized bolts. You won’t be fixing the ramp to the ground, which makes this system relatively portable compared to permanent solutions.

What you’ll appreciate is the design consideration for natural water flow; a channel beneath each section prevents rainwater from being blocked. Users have expressed that although the set is heavy, which aids in stability, it can be tackled by two people during assembly. The robustness of the rubber material has also been highlighted, enduring harsh weather conditions and the weight of vehicles without significant wear over the years.

However, take note of the bolts not serving as a theft deterrent—they might tear through the rubber if the ramp is bent excessively. The overall heft of the package upon delivery has been mentioned, highlighting the need for help when moving it.

Overall, the user feedback points to a smoother transition into driveways and reported reduction in vehicle suspension stress, depicting the set’s effectiveness. If you’ve been dealing with the jolts of a rolled curb, this set could be a substantial improvement to your daily routine.

Ease of Installation

Rolling out the BRIDJIT curb ramp is a straightforward task that many have reported to be painless. It’s a hearty rubber set that requires just a hammer and screwdriver to get it bolted together. The pre-inserted galvanized bolts are designed to connect the sections seamlessly, so you’re not fastening it to the ground, but rather to each other. This simple process results in a sturdy and secure fit.

Customers have shared that it usually takes two people to handle the weight during assembly, as each section is quite hefty. Once in place, though, the weight contributes to its solid placement on your curb, without the need for further anchoring. The channel built into the underside of the ramp ensures that water can flow freely underneath, preventing any waterlogging issues without compromising the ramp’s integrity.

It seems that, with basic tools and a bit of teamwork, you’ll find the installation of your new curb ramp to be more of an exercise in positioning than in heavy construction. While some pointed out that care is needed not to overbend the sections, which could lead to bolts tearing through the rubber, such concerns seem minimal compared to the relief of having a smooth driveway transition.

Compatibility and Expandability

When considering the BRIDJIT curb ramp for your driveway needs, you’ll find its compatibility with various curb shapes to be quite versatile. With a thoughtful design that accommodates differing curb heights, this ramp set provides a smooth transition for vehicles. Its expandability comes from the ability to add additional sections—each BRIDJIT ramp comes in a three-piece set, but if your driveway is wider than the standard set length, extra 47-inch center sections can be purchased to ensure full driveway coverage.

While the product’s rubber material is robust enough to handle a substantial amount of weight, keep in mind that its load capacity tops out at 50 pounds per square inch. This durability allows for a wide range of vehicle weights, although extremely heavy machinery might not be the best fit for this ramp system. The installation is straightforward as well, making set-up hassle-free.

Durability and Maintenance

After months of daily use, I can attest to the resilience of the BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set. The black rubber material has withstood intense sunlight, heavy rain, and the scorching summer heat without showing signs of wear. It’s hefty at 150 pounds, which makes it stable and durable, yet installation only needed a hammer and a screwdriver; no drilling into the ground.

The maintenance aspect is virtually non-existent. Despite its heft, assembly was quite manageable with two people, and once in place, the curb ramp hasn’t budged. If you’re worried about potential theft, the bolts, while sturdy, are not theft-proof; however, they are strong enough to prevent casual removal. Just take care not to over-bend the sections during installation to avoid stressing the rubber.

A particularly clever feature is the built-in channel underneath each section, which allows water to pass through effortlessly, eliminating concerns about water logging or interference with street drainage.

While users love the smoother transition it provides to cars, especially those with low clearance, the real testament to its durability is observed over time. Neighbors with the same curb ramps have confirmed their longevity and effectiveness. With minimal effort to maintain, this curb ramp set ensures a consistently gentle driveway transition, year after year.

Pros and Cons


After giving the BRIDJIT Ramp Set a thorough use, I’ve noted a number of advantages to share with prospective buyers. This set’s durability is exceptional; after extended exposure to harsh weather, including intense heat and heavy rains, it remains in solid condition, indicative of high-quality materials resistant to UV rays and other environmental stressors. The installation process is straightforward, typically requiring just two people, a hammer, and a screwdriver. Its compatibility with both straight and curved driveways, along with the ease of expansion by purchasing additional sections, offers flexibility to meet various driveway sizes. Furthermore, the existence of an under-ramp channel for water ensures proper drainage, addressing any potential water pooling issues. You are likely to notice less vehicle damage over time, thanks to a smoother transition from street to driveway that this ramp provides—no more jarring jolts or scrapes to worry about.


On the flip side, the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Ramp does come with its set of cons that need consideration. One of the frequent remarks by users relates to the weight of the ramp. Its robust construction translates to a substantial heft, so be prepared for it to require some effort during the initial move and setup. While the strength of the ramp confirms a snug fit to your driveway, some have expressed concerns over the bolts. If the sections are overstressed or bent excessively, it might result in the bolts tearing through the rubber. Moreover, the included bolts, while they help secure the sections together, aren’t the most effective theft deterrent. The price point is also mentioned, which may be on the higher side for some budgets. However, consider it an investment in vehicle maintenance and a long-term solution to a common driveway issue.

Customer Reviews

Navigating the world of driveway solutions, the BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set stands out with an impressive average rating of 4.6 from 481 buyers. Users seem to relish its durability, with several praising its ability to withstand extreme weather, from scorching sunshine to heavy rainfall. Although some consider it a pricier option, the protection it provides to vehicle suspensions from hard curb impacts has convinced many that it’s a worthwhile investment.

Ease of assembly is a noted advantage, albeit requiring a partner due to its weight—a testament to the product’s solid construction. The heavy-duty nature gives confidence that it can conform well to various driveway shapes, albeit there are comments regarding the need for cautious handling to prevent undue stress on the connecting bolts.

While the heft ensures it stays put, enhancing the driving experience by smoothing out the entry and exit points of a driveway, some users voice concerns about the security of the bolts as theft-deterrents. Despite this, the consensus is clear: the BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set proves its merit, offering a significant improvement in daily driving comfort and vehicular care.


After thorough testing and consideration, the BRIDJIT Curb Ramp Set is undoubtedly a robust solution for homeowners dealing with challenging driveways. Its heavy-duty construction withstands extreme weather conditions, without showing signs of wear even after years of use. The ease of assembly is a plus, though it’s a two-person job due to its heft—which, incidentally, serves the dual purpose of providing stability and preventing theft.

Despite its weight, the ramps meld smoothly with a curved drive, but caution is advised to prevent overbending and potentially damaging the product with the included bolts. Users will appreciate the gentle transition from road to driveway that protects a vehicle’s suspension from jolts and potential damage. On the downside, some may find the price point a bit steep, but this investment is justified in the long run given the durability and effectiveness it offers.

In summary, for a seamless and less jarring entry to your driveway, this ramp set is a worthy contender, having earned the approval of many of your neighbors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Having rolled over the BRIDJIT ramps myself, I’ll share insights that you might be curious about. Whether it’s about the installation process or how it stacks up against day-to-day use, I’ve covered the essentials to help inform your decision.

How does the BRIDJIT 3-Piece Expandable Curb Ramp perform over time?

From personal experience, the ramp has shown remarkable resilience. With a solid design to withstand various weather conditions, you can expect long-lasting service without significant wear and tear. Users have commented on its ability to endure harsh sun exposure and heavy rainfall, maintaining its integrity despite relentless environmental stresses.

What are the installation requirements for the BRIDJIT curb ramp?

Installation is quite manageable. You’ll need a hammer and screwdriver to bolt the sections together. Once you’ve aligned the pieces, the pre-inserted galvanized bolts make the process straightforward. However, ensure you measure your driveway first, following the compatibility criteria provided by BRIDJIT to confirm a good fit.

Are there any discount codes available for purchasing a BRIDJIT Curb Ramp?

Discount codes fluctuate and are typically offered during promotional periods. It’s a good idea to check both the manufacturer’s website and reputable coupon sources periodically for any available discounts.

How does the durability of BRIDJIT ramps compare to alternatives like Pyle ramps?

BRIDJIT ramps, crafted from robust rubber, are a strong competitor against alternatives like Pyle ramps. They are heavy, which helps them stay in place, and users often highlight their substantial build in comparison to lighter alternatives. If you frequently drive over them, you’ll notice how this durability comes into play, offering a smoother transition than some lighter, less sturdy ramps.

What solutions exist for driveways with a steep curb if not using a ramp?

For driveways with steep curbs, alternatives to ramps include grinding down the curb or reconfiguring the driveway’s entrance. These can be costly and require professional assistance, but they present a permanent solution. Some opt for homemade fixes, but these are not always safe or durable.

What are the pros and cons of installing a curb ramp on your driveway?

The benefits include protecting your vehicle’s suspension and undercarriage from damage and providing a smoother transition from street to driveway. However, the BRIDJIT ramp is heavy, which makes initial placement a two-person job. There are concerns over the bolts potentially tearing through if bent excessively, so careful handling is required. Despite its price, the consensus points to a noticeable improvement in daily driving comfort.

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